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SEO factors influencing your Goole PageRank

There are hundreds of rules used by Google for the ranking of a webpage, essential for being within the first results of a search engine query. Wich are these rules? And how to use them in your Search Engine Optimization? RankingEasy.com presents you a list of over 100 declared, guessed or deducted ranking rules. Most of them confrimed, plenty still only a speculation.

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The rules are classified in four categories, grouped by their positive or negative effect and, by their location, inside or outside your website. Use them wisely and with moderation.

On-page and Off-page SEO factors influencing your PageRank
Positive on-page SEO factors
Negative on-page SEO factors
Positive off-page SEO factors
Negative off-page SEO factors

SEO and website promotion tools and tips

Spider-Friendly HTML Tables
If your important page information is near the top of the html page, spiders get to it sooner, and so can accessibility screen readers. But if your navigation elements are in the left cell of an html table, it not only slows down spiders, screen reader users are forced to listen to every menu before getting to your content. So try using this spider and accessibility-friendly html table cell trick.

Search Engine Submission Record
Use HTML to keep track of your search engine submissions in a web page format. Bypass the limitations of spreadsheets. Easy to use in a wyswig html editor. Inlcudes free copy-paste templates.

SEO Tips and Issues for webmasters
Are you up on current Web Standards? Do you utilize Web Accessibility Guidelines? Are you still using the '90s table-based layouts? Do you fully utilize Cascading Style Sheets? Is your code forward-compatible? HTML ISSUES FOR SEOs is packed with information and the resources you need.

SEO Chekup
Use this tool to find out if your webiste is search engine friendly.

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