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Easily optimize your web images so they load as fast as possible on your site. Compressing your images will result in faster loading webpages, enhancing thus the usability of your website.

Insert the absolute path to the image on your webpage, or upload a picture from your computer. Our online image optimzer will create a set of reduced images, trying to preserve the best quality for each resulted image. You can save the optimized image to your computer o bookmark the relut page. The opimized images will be available online for 3 days.

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Tip 1: The optimal weight of a webimage should not exceed 15k. Ideally each image on your webpage has to be less than 1160 bytes, to fit into one TCP-IP packet.

Tip 2: Use jpegs for larger images and gifs for navigation bars or buttons.

Tip 3: If you have an inline image, make it as small as possible and save it in GIF or PNG format. If you want to show an image larger than that, make a small GIF version of it - a proxy - and place the proxy on your page. Link then the proxy to the large image. If the large image is full color or continuous-tone, provide it in JPEG format. You will give a better user experience and save your bandwidth.

The loading speed of your website is essential for having and maintaining site visitors. Image size plays a fundamental role in this sense: they must have the ptimal balance between picture quality and size for the achievement of the minimal download time.

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